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A Spotlight on the uses and abuses of Catholic Social Teaching

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GOP Catholics don't vote for Santorum

The New York Times has a great feature on its Website today showing which groups in 11 states tended to support Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum in yesterday's "Super Tuesday" primary. Among evangelicals, Santorum beat Romney 6 states to five but among Catholics, Romney won 10 states and Santorum just one, Tennessee.

It shows that even among the most politically conservative and active Catholics in the U.S., Santorum is not particularly popular. He, or at least his supporters, would no doubt say the Romney voters are not good Catholics.


Rather, I  think it's more that Santorum is heretical in both style and substance. Catholicism is not anti-intellectual but Santorum is militantly so -- global warming is a hoax, evolution is not true, going to college is for "snobs."

 Also, his emphasis on contraception -- sorry, bishops -- leave most people cold, even many conservative or traditional Catholics.

 So Santorum can go to Stubenville, with its conservative Catholic college, and hold events at parishes -- if it was one I belonged to, I would write the bishop -- but the "sense of the people" is not with him, even among Catholics in the GOP.





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