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Beautiful Fall Hikes on the Mount Greylock Reservation


Heading north on the Bradley Farm Trail around 11 a.m. on Oct. 9, the way was foggy, following a night of rain. It would later clear up into a beautiful partly cloudy day in the low 70s.


At just one spot on the Northrup Trail, one can see Rounds Rock through the trees to the Northeast.




Beautiful fall colors on Rounds Rock. From here it is just a short hike east to cross Rockwell Road and pick up the Woodason Spring Trail south 3 mi. back to the Visitors Center.




Jones Nose, 4 miles north of the Visitors Center. On Oct. 9 it took me about 2:30 to hike to here. Then I enjoyed lunch on what had turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.




Here is the sign, southeast of the Jones Nose parking lot, where the Woodason Spring Trail heads south, 4 miles from the Visitors Center. The hike back takes about as long as the hike up on the Northrup Trail.




I was struck by these flourishing mushrooms on the lower Woodason Spring Trail on my Oct. 4 hike. 


This neat wooden bridge over a stream on the Northrup Trail is a real landmark for hikers. You can hike the Northrup Trail to either Rounds Rock, 3 miles from the Visitors Center, or to Jones Nose, 4 miles from the Visitors Center. I took this photo on my Oct. 9 hike to Jones Nose.


There are two great lookouts on Rounds Rock. Here is a view of  Pontosuc Lake in Lanesborough and Pittsfield and Onota Lake in Pittsfield. I took this on my Oct. 4 hike.




If one hikes north on the Northrup Trail past the spur to Rounds Rock, as I did Oct. 9, then one soon comes to this big rock formation along the trail. It looks a lot bigger "in person" than it does in this photo.




Here is the view south from where I had lunch on Jones Nose. I sat on this rock, which is acutally in the middle of the trail. I was totally undisturbed here, something unheard of when the roads are open. In fact, I hiked for more than four hours before I ran into anyone on this hike on Thursday, Oct. 9.




A pleasant view while hiking south down the Woodason Spring Trail on Oct. 4.

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