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Around and Across North Pond, Jan. 25, 2009


I decided that the only way down the mountain and back to my car before it got dark was to take off my skiis and carry them and my poles and head down the mountain to the pond and then walk across it. I basically half walked and half slid down the mountain. The snow was up to my waist. I took this photo of the pond after I fell one time. It was now overcast, getting dark, and I was getting very cold.




Five minutes after taking the tree photo I was well out on the ice and quickly took this photo of where I was going. Then I immediately turned around and ...




Six minutes later, I was approaching the shore. Very familiar with the beach, I can tell you that even this close the water in the summer would be over my head.




About 15 minutes later I finally made it down to the pond. This forlorn tree near the south end was too good not to take a photo of. As I was worried about hypothermia, I decided not to follow along around the shoreline and instead to go straight across to the public beach and the parking lot. I tried briefly to put my skiis on, said a prayer or two that the ice was as thick as the fisherman said, and started walking across.




Took this picture of where I had just come from.




Back in the car less than three hours after I had started out, I had the heater running and was happy to be headed home.



Around & Across North Pond, Part One

The Savoy Forest Project