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This young college student was sitting on the bench near the Banner on Main Street in Bennington sketching the facade of the Madison Brewing Co. restaurant across the street during the summer of 2009. Her sketch was good.
(All photos Mark E. Rondeau)

Some of the best of my most recent photos:


I snapped this photo out of the newroom window of the Banner of some Mennonite women checking out a shopping bag lady sculpture installation on Main Street.




The swollen Hoosic River flows north from Vermont into New York after a spell of heavy rain during the summer of 2009.




I took this one of the quad while waiting for a class to begin in the Bronfman science building at Williams College in the fall of 2008. It was a cognitive science course I was writing an article about for the news office. I almost deleted this photo recently, but then I noticed how interesting it is. Plus, it matches my mood these days.




Snow in a nest on the banks of the Hoosic River in Williamstown near Cole Field, winter 2008-2009.


Spring colors on South Street in Bennington, near Fair Lawn Cemetery, 2008.




Tannery Falls in Pownal, Vt., a few days later when the torrential rain resumed. The Hoosic is a relatively small river, but anyone going over the falls that day would easily have drowned. 



Cows at Haley Farm in the Hopper in Williamstown. This is at the trailhead to several of the western approaches to Mount Greylock and the state reservation. Fall 2008.