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Around and Across North Pond: Jan. 25, 2009


The park sign at North Pond. I have come to this pond during the summer since I was a child. This is the first time I visited it during the winter. The day was bright, in the low 20s and the snow was clean, white and easy to ski in.




I took the North Pond loop trail south, into a pine forest. There was a nice track, no doubt made by snowshoers, but unlike lots of places down in the valley, it had not been heavily traveled.




After about 15 minutes on the trail, the path started to climb and the forest turned from pines to regular hardwoods.




As I climbed higher, looking south I could see South Pond (foreground) and Bog Pond, both frozen over and both part of the State Forest.




I skied down toward the pond before talking the North Pond Lop Trail south. Right after I took this picture and ice fisherman and his dog came into view. He was carrying a fishing rod and an ice augur. We said hi and I asked him how thick the ice was. He said he thought about 18 inches. The evidence of a vehicle or two can be seen in the snow.




This photo captures for me what a glorious thing it was to be here on a Sunday afternoon.




This picture was taken about 42 minutes later than the last one. Along the trail I had come across the second "Balanced Rock" in the park — which will be the subject of another page — and then kept climbing, past a second junction with the South Pond Trail. At some point after this I decided I was on the wrong trail and started bushwhacking north up the mountain.




At 1:30 into my ski trip, North Pond came into view as I topped a ridge. But I had lost the trial, the undergrowth was thick, it was almost 4 p.m. and I had — as can be seen from this photo — a long, long way to go before I made it around the north side of North Pond. What should I do? For a while I tried to bushwhack on my skiis, but this proved to be painfully snow and inneffective. I faced a dilemma...



Around & Across North Pond Part Two

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